The Why

spotify-logoIn short, this year I’ll be using SPOTIFY as a conduit to share the music that has influenced me since I was old enough to own a radio, and concurrently digging up new music that will influence me going forward. I’ll be adding songs to a a spotify playlist in roughly “song a day” fashion, but will work ahead as the mood strikes me. I’ll also be dumping more music into a B-Side playlist for a variety of reasons… some of them will be songs of “honorable mention,” others will be additional songs from an artist in the main list.

Growing up, I remember getting together with friends and listening to several songs off many albums; at the end of the night there would be a stack of vinyl leaned up against the wall, ready to be reshelved in the morning. We’d listen to a song, talk about where we first heard it, etc… this blog is dedicated to the same sort of thing.

That’s it. I’ll get busy now.

IF you have Spotify installed here’s the link to my 2013 Playlist Soundchunks365

Here’s the web link: Soundchunks365