Double Shots…

b6b527471bfe5b1a988970a61b1b1e3c17384c51Inasmuch as all rules are generally broken at some point, I added “double shots” of not one, but two artists in a row this week.  First up is the late Z.Z. Hill.  I first heard Hill’s music during my college years, playing guitar in a bar that was quite unaccustomed to skinny white kids.  But, every Monday night, there was another incarnation of George Spratt and the Blues Impact Band, which consisted of George and whoever he could drag along to split $75 bucks 5 ways.  On a break, “Down Home Blues” would inevitably come blaring out of the juke box.  ”Someone Else is Steppin’ In” has been a fave of mine for years as well, and I rarely listen to one without the other.

c6f68092c0251d2218cf37f0c15ef699363c884bMost of us first heard Francine Reed singing backup for Lyle Lovett on his early albums.  for the 365 list, I’ve chosen two of her “non-Lyle” tunes.  She recorded Funny (How Time Slips Away) as a duet with Willie Nelson and I think it really captures the essence of the song… I was also intrigued with her version of “Trouble In Mind,” an 8 bar blues tune written in the 20s… it’s been covered by everyone from Bob Wills and Johnny Cash to Lightnin’ Hopkins and Aretha Franklin.  

Just take off those fast records, and let me hear some Down Home Blues…



 Thanks to Google Street View, I found a photo of the place
I heard “Down Home Blues” for the first time…


The playlist Soundchunks365

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