Eye of the Hurricane

dd4a626e7f71bc35ba275c1f09a8df29a0778742Highway 59N in Houston, finishing a long commute well after dinner time, flipping stations hoping for something that would keep me entertained for the last 15 minutes on the road.  100 yards north of FM 1960 I heard David Wilcox performing “Eye Of The Hurricane” for the first time.  Before the song was over I knew I needed to focus on playing acoustic guitar again.

I’ve listened to a lot of David Wilcox music over the last 20 years (YEOW) and enjoyed reading bits of interviews as he travels the world to tell his stories.  Eye Of The Hurricane is one of those songs that grabbed me in such a way I’ll never forget when and where I heard it first, and had me scrambling to own the album How Did You Find Me Here? as soon as possible to try to hold on the inspirational spark it had thrown in my direction.

Tell the truth, explain to me, how you got this need for speed…

Sticking with the motorized theme I added the live version of “Rusty Old American Dream” from Live Songs and Stories to the B-Side playlist. The laughter from an audience member on the last note will be stuck is a somewhat amusing exclamation point…

 Honda Hurricane 

The playlist Soundchunks365

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