Someone’s Been Tellin’ You Stories

cea32ee6a974ee37784a6ab44dc6b5f0d1c26035Yesterday I was trying explain Spotify to someone, and I said “Just tell me something you want to hear.”

“The Eagles.”

…and wouldn’t you know it, the Eagles do not have their library available on Spotify… So in honor of  that misfire, I decided to add a couple Don Henley songs to the list, and then decided it was time to add “Someone’s Been Tellin’ You Stories” to my 365.  Most people think of Dan Fogelberg as a little more syrupy, but the 1974 album Souvenirs was produced by Joe Walsh and the track “Someone’s Been Tellin’ You Stories” has Joe Walsh playing electric and Glen Frey and Don Henley singing backup. I first heard   As the Raven Flies and Morning Sky from a local bar band, and the album has been in my stash about 28 years, more or less. I put those on the B-Side list.

Part of the Plan” and “There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler” got the radio airtime, but there’s some great writing all through this album.  Dig in and enjoy.

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