He Stopped Loving Her Today

954f6022a22731977b9c4de536610332d7951de1He Stopped Loving Her Today.  RIP George Jones

I have a longstanding rule that no one should ever shut off their car in the middle of a George Jones song.  A true Country Music Legend.


He had underlined in red, every single “I Love You”


George Jones –”The Possum”

My Funny Valentine


My wife and I were vacationing on Kauai in September 1995, and I happened upon Etta James' Time After Time album... we spent the rest of the week with it in the CD player, driving around the island with the top down, and I've been hooked on this … [Continue reading]

Walk Like an Egyptian


Friday!  Walk Like an Egyptian!  Just turn it up... humor me.  FRIDAY!! … [Continue reading]

Double Shots…


Inasmuch as all rules are generally broken at some point, I added "double shots" of not one, but two artists in a row this week.  First up is the late Z.Z. Hill.  I first heard Hill's music during my college years, playing guitar in a bar that was … [Continue reading]

Walkin’ The Country


FRIDAY!! Decided to add "Walkin' the Country" from "The Ranch" album, Keith Urban's band prior to "officially" going solo.  How did this album get to be 15 yrs old so fast? I think I bought this CD the year it came out, and it stays in regular … [Continue reading]

Playing For Change


Going to peel off the Spotify list for a minute... Turn off the news. Take the worry of the day out of your brain. I've selected a few videos from Playing For Change, which began with a documentary on street performers and spawned a foundation for … [Continue reading]

You Got to Get Funkifize


I was a teen in Northern California when Tower of Power hit their early commercial success.  Tower of Power was based out of Oakland, which meant (a) I had a few chances to hear 'em at exotic places like State Fairs etc., and (b) there were other … [Continue reading]

Eye of the Hurricane


Highway 59N in Houston, finishing a long commute well after dinner time, flipping stations hoping for something that would keep me entertained for the last 15 minutes on the road.  100 yards north of FM 1960 I heard David Wilcox performing "Eye Of … [Continue reading]

Someone’s Been Tellin’ You Stories


Yesterday I was trying explain Spotify to someone, and I said "Just tell me something you want to hear." "The Eagles." ...and wouldn't you know it, the Eagles do not have their library available on Spotify... So in honor of  that misfire, I … [Continue reading]

Rock Lobster


  Rock Lobster by the B-52s.  What can I say, it's Friday and you needed it. Everybody's Rockin' … [Continue reading]